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Windows VM on FreeNAS

When I upgraded my FreeNAS server from 9.10.1-U4 I lost my VirtualBox VMs.  I’d managed to recreate the ubuntu and FreeNAS ones using iohyve/bhyve, but hadn’t managed to replace the Windows VM on FreeNAS, until today!



Thought I’d just put this up here as it’s likely to be the main reason for less blogs over the next few months.  Meet Vanessa 😀

OpenVPN iocage jail

A few months ago I migrated almost all of my FreeNAS jails from Warden to iocage, but the OpenVPN one proved too much of a challenge.  I had another go today and now have a working OpenVPN iocage jail!

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MacBook Keyboard

Over the last few months, it’s been taking me longer and longer to write these blogs because of 1 thing – the spacebar on my MacBook Keyboard – although I think I’ve now resolved the problem!

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Solo. A Star Wars Story


After sharing my thoughts, and excitement, about 2 previous Star Wars films, you might be wondering why there still hasn’t been a blog about Solo.  Well, here it is and it’s a little bit different…

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