I still consider myself to be very much a newbie when it comes to WordPress, even after completing the Udemy course which I blogged about here.

During the course, we used many different themes, from some of the default installed ones to various premium plugins using the StudioPress Genesis Framework.  As soon as you start to use some of the premium plugin features, you quickly see the limitations of the standard ones.  While I’m sure with a better understanding of HTML and CSS you can make them do equally clever things, the premium plugins remove the need for that knowledge, and even for someone with it, probably make things much faster and easier to achieve. (more…)

Moving from web to wordpress (part 1)



Not that you’ll really care, as I suspect you never actually found the old one 🙂

If you’ve read through anything before this, you might have worked out that my WordPress installation was running in a FreeNAS jail with a FEMP stack.  I use it for various things, of which WordPress was just one.

I was wanting to update the ‘MP’ bit of my stack for WordPress but thought it would be easier to create a new jail with an up to date FEMP stack and then use some of the WordPress knowledge I’d gained to rebuild things in a jail dedicated to WordPress. 

So I moved from web.apeconsulting.co.uk/wordpress to wordpress.apeconsulting.co.uk (well, actually wordpress.apeconsulting.co.uk/wordpress) and I’ll post a little more about the trials and tribulations of the move in another post here.

So it’s goodbye ‘web’ and hello ‘wordpress’.  Maybe after a few months, you’ll find this blog and wonder what on earth this post was all about…

The Complete WordPress Website Developer Course

This is just a placeholder for the time being, or maybe even a free advert, but having started playing with WordPress I thought it would be good to learn a little more.  

I’ve taken a few Udemy courses, and for the money, they are usually pretty good.  I’ve just started this course, so will report back once I’ve finished it, but so far so good.

I’ve got part way through one of Rob Percival’s iOS Developer courses and really enjoyed his style.  Having no coding experience, things got hard pretty quickly, but I managed to write a couple of basic Apps for my iPhone before it was parked as needing more time.  This one is presented by one of Rob’s colleagues, but is very similar in style, and not as technical, yet!


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