Solo. A Star Wars Story


After sharing my thoughts, and excitement, about 2 previous Star Wars films, you might be wondering why there still hasn’t been a blog about Solo. ¬†Well, here it is and it’s a little bit different…


Advent 2 – The Last Christmas!

Now I’ve been blogging for a whole year; you’ll probably start to notice some patterns in my behaviour. ¬†This year is no different to the last (several) with another Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar! ¬†I’ve just started a new contract up in Aberdeen which means I’ll be away from home Monday to Thursday, so the pictures might not get updated as frequently, and some of the models will be built by my daughter, once she’s done her Lego Friends one ūüėÄ


Episode VIII – The Last Jedi

So, a quick update, obviously¬†without any spoilers¬†given most sensible people won’t be seeing until later today (no excused beyond that!) Let’s start with saying it’s good. ¬†How good is always a little subjective, but I’d say it’s in the ‘Good Range’ with The Force Awakens and Rogue One. ¬†I’ll need to watch again at a more sociable¬†hour, and in 2D before I give a final verdict, but at the minute I feel it’s not quite as good as those, but not by much. ¬† (more…)