Ramblings of an IT geek

Remote Controlled Drone

I’ve always loved playing around with remote controlled things, and have a number of them around the house. I’ve been thinking about getting one of the cheaper GPS drones for a little while now and was finally seduced at the beginning of the month.

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New iPad

I talked about some of my older tech in this blog, but it’s been some time since I bought a new iPad.  I bought an iPad 2 back in 2011 and didn’t really use it much, and then an iPad Mini 2 in 2014, and while I used that a little more I still didn’t really get the tablet device.  My 6-year-old daughter loves using them though, so it was time to treat her as 5 years is forever when it comes to tech.

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Old iPhone

This is one of those blogs I started about 2 months ago, and only got around to finishing off today! I’ve been running my own company since 2003 and had a pretty standard approach to replacing the ICT equipment I use or at least did until recently when I was still using a relatively old (for me) iPhone 7.

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iMac Repair

It’s always a slightly nervous operation when my iMac needs opening up, but on return from my holiday it wouldn’t boot and everything was pointing toward the SSD I’d installed when I first got my 2011 iMac.

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