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I had a few spare hours yesterday and had been meaning to try and recreate the MediaWiki docker container inside a FreeNAS jail. A few gotchas were found but they were resolved pretty quickly, and I now have my own APE Wiki!

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Resize Virtual Disks

This is as much a reference for me as it is anything else, but I needed to resize a couple of virtual disks over the weekend, and these are the pretty simple steps to do it, at least for my FreeNAS configuration.

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COVID-19 virus

I’d drafted a final blog relating to my FreeNAS adventures over the last few months, but it all seems a little pointless at the minute given whats going on around the world with COVID-19. Who could have even begun to imagine we’d be where we are now when I ordered the components back here.

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Happy Birthday

…too Me!  I just realised that in almost 200 blogs, I haven’t once blogged about my birthday, so this one is to wish Happy Birthday too me!

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More Raspberry Pi 4

It really is quite incredible what this tiny little computer can do, especially when compared with the very early home computers that I got the opportunity to play with when I was about the same age as my daughter. So this blog is about some more Raspberry Pi 4 things I’ve been playing with…

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This is another one of those blogs that I started (well, I gave it a name and saved it!) a few years ago, but just never got around to it. I thought I better having blogged about it a little here, and I really do need to find myself a replacement for Apple Aperture.

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Episode V – The Apps Strike Back

I really can’t remember how long ago I drafted this blog about Apps and Linux, but the main block was in the classic format and it was supposed to follow on from this blog, so I’d say it was at least a couple of years ago! Having recently updated my MacBook Air which I blogged out here I thought it might be interesting to revisit this.

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