AirPort Extreme Replacement

I feel as though I’ve been here before when I looked to resolve a problem I was having after updating my FreeNAS server. I blogged about it here and ended up trying a new Netgear router. This time it was a Linksys router as a possible AirPort Extreme Replacement, although again things didn’t quite work out as planned!


MacBook Decision

The new MacBook Air decision was pretty much made before the i3 and i5 arrived, with the i3 not leaving the box! I’m loving the upgrade from the 2016 MacBook, but here are some of the reasons why.


New MacBook Air

2020 MacBook Air
MacBook Air 2020

Ok, so I’ve bought a new MacBook Air, but I’m sure the big question you’re asking is what’s going to happen to 2016 MacBook, the 2013 MacBook Air and most importantly the 2010 MacBook Air I used at the very start of this blogging journey?