This blog was drafted back in April after I’d bought a home rocket kit from Model Rockets. Due to the COVIC-19 pandemic, it had been sat in my office (prepped and ready to launch) until last weekend! In the meantime, SpaceX launched a manned rocket into space which certainly reinvigorated my interest in space, and hopefully a whole new generation of wannabe astronauts.


More tenting

So after our camping adventures in the garden, which I blogged about here, we decided to step things up a little and take some baby steps to become more regular campers with some more tenting escapades!


Camping (in the garden!)

Our Easter trip to Philadelphia and Mexico was cancelled due to COVID-19 and our summer holiday plans to France are in doubt, but after our Camping adventures in the back garden, we might be trying to find somewhere in Scotland we can get away for a few nights.  Not sure how we’ll all fit in this Amazon 4-man tent though!

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