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Did you know that macOS ships with rsync installed? Yes, but did you know that the version it ships with is 2.6.9? Do you know when that was released? Would you believe me if I said November 2006?

It seems a little crazy to be running software from 2006 when there has been plenty of updates since, but apparently it has something to do with the licencing.

It goes back to before I’d even started using an Apple Mac, as it wasn’t until they launched the iPhone and then the first MacBook Air that I’d shown any interest moving from Symbian (my preferred mobile OS) and Windows (my preferred desktop OS).

I’ve been using an iPhone since the 3GS model and OSX since Leopard 10.5 and probably spend more time now playing with FreeBSD and Linux than I do Windows. That said, sometimes a client will be working entirely in a Windows environment so I end up with a Windows laptop for work, which is my current situation. They are still squeezing the last few drops out of Windows 7, so I still feel reasonably comfortable with it!

I was having a few problems syncing files between my iMac running macOS High Sierra (10.13) and everything pointed to upgrading rsync, which it turns out is relatively easy to do. Well, it is when you know what to do, which is all contained in this excellent blog.

So now my 2011 iMac is running a 2018 version of rsync (3.1.3) and not the 2006 version (2.6.9) and the sync between it and my FreeNAS0 box is working fine again.