iMac Bluetooth Woes


So, for the past few months, I’ve been having Bluetooth connection problems on my 2011 iMac, which given I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is a bit of a problem. (more…)


I’ve been wanted to get back to where we started, specifically my MacBook Air (MBA) and doing something with the spare partition I created when I setup eOS, but I hadn’t really found the time or decided what I was going to use it for.

Given FreeNAS runs on FreeBSD I thought that was probably the most sensible option, so decided to give PC-BSD a shot, mainly as I expected that to be a lot easier than trying to install FreeBSD and then get a desktop environment up and running (although I had managed that in a virtual machine running a Xfce desktop).  If PC-BSD works, then maybe I’ll try that next.


Episode IV – A New App?

I’ve decided to try and break this down into 2 blogs, and as a small homage to the greatest film ever made I’m calling the first one Episode IV!  

I thought it would be useful to understand what I use in macOS before diving into the alternatives available in eOS.  This is likely to be a real deal-breaker, as I know some of the things I use daily just don’t exist outside macOS, but let’s cover off some of this to begin.  


Where to begin?

Another great question!  I guess my aim is to see if I could live in eOS should there come a time when I feel the need to ditch macOS.

I’m not going to get into the applications too much in the post and will save that for later when I have a nice and stable system that’s doing most of what I want.  Needless to say, I know I’m not going to get some software that runs permanently on my Mac, but I know of alternatives for some (e.g. MS Office) and will be interested to see if new ones exist for others (e.g OmniFocus – I’d really really miss that!)

One of the reasons I love macOS so much is the interaction with the enormous trackpad.  If you’ve never used an Apple trackpad you don’t know what you’re missing.  If you have, you know what I mean.  Using 2, 3 and 4 finger gestures is something I’d really miss and I’m going to try and tackle this early on.  It’s one of the things that might have broken the 1st (undocumented) attempt, so I don’t want to get too far in only to find I break ‘take 2’


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