Well, that was probably an even a bigger schoolboy error than not reading the PC-BSD manual!  In my search to find a solution to my ‘Start X’ error, it turns out the PC-BSD is no longer supported but is pretty much continuing under the TrueOS banner.

Whilst you might think I’ve actually wasted quite a lot of time (and you’d probably be right), it’s not all bad as TrueOS is being developed and supported by iXsystems, who also provide FreeNAS!

So, armed with my knowledge of how not to install PC-BSD onto my MBA, this should be pretty straightforward, right?

Well actually, yes!  And I even managed to do it through the GUI installer.  I thought the best option was to simply replace the PC-BSD install, so installed TrueOS into the same partition, effectively overwriting it.

It took a while, although seemed a little faster than PC-BSD, but I’ve now got macOS, elementaryOS and TrueOS (can you see a naming theme there?) installed on my MacBook Air.

And does it all work?  Well, I think that’s probably worthy of another blog….