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For Sale

For Sale

I had a fairly big garage clear out a few weeks ago, so along with my old FreeNAS server and MacBook, had a few things to put up for sale. eBay kindly sent me an offer for £1 maximum seller fees, so I thought I’d get them all online:

Arduino + Wi-Fi

I’ve enjoyed playing around with my Arduino’s (which I’d blogged about here) and was up-to-date with the Youtube series I’d been watching, so started looking for something new to try. Controlling things via Wi-Fi would be useful for lots of things, so I decided to buy a cheap ESP8266 Wi-Fi module and get that working with an Arduino Uno. It turned out to be much easier said than done!

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Portable Monitor

I’ve been busy! This is the other ‘lost blog‘ which is about a portable monitor I never even realised I needed, but now I’ve got one I’m surprised how I managed without! You might be surprised that the seeds of this idea didn’t come from Youtube but from some subliminal advertising on Facebook, a new keyboard and mouse, and yet another Raspberry Pi 4!

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Supercharged Firestick

This was one of the ‘lost blogs’ I wrote about here, so I’m not quite as motivated the second time! The idea was born from a Youtube video, and it got me thinking I might start using a supercharged Firestick more and my Apple TV 4 less, although only time will tell. It could be a great investment at ∼£40 or a complete waste of money!

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Lost Blogs

I’d drafted 2 blogs yesterday – one about a portable monitor and another about Firesticks. This morning I decided to be brave and update WordPress to 5.5 (I’d tested two other sites yesterday which both worked perfectly) but it failed and I’ve lost (the) blogs.

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More tenting

So after our camping adventures in the garden, which I blogged about here, we decided to step things up a little and take some baby steps to become more regular campers with some more tenting escapades!

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Inflatable Kayak

We’d seen a similar inflatable kayak for sale at Lidl last week, but when we popped into the Bo’ness store to pick one up they’d sold. Someone told us Aldi were selling a very similar inflatable kayak on Sunday, so we popped into the Linlithgow store early on the way to walk our dog by the river. It’s a good job we did as we got the last one!

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MacBook Decision

The new MacBook Air decision was pretty much made before the i3 and i5 arrived, with the i3 not leaving the box! I’m loving the upgrade from the 2016 MacBook, but here are some of the reasons why.

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New MacBook Air

2020 MacBook Air
MacBook Air 2020

Ok, so I’ve bought a new MacBook Air, but I’m sure the big question you’re asking is what’s going to happen to 2016 MacBook, the 2013 MacBook Air and most importantly the 2010 MacBook Air I used at the very start of this blogging journey?

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