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Withings (Steel HR)

I drafted a fairly positive blog about the Withings Steel HR at the end of last year when I bought and tested this for a few days. That was before the customer service nightmare I’ve had with Withings since then, which has somewhat tainted my view of them and their products 🙁

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I’ve had this sat as a draft blog for some time, but rather than spend time telling you what I think, try and get yourself a copy of Beachlife and just listen to it – you won’t regret it.  It’s one of my favourite compilation albums of all time!

A New Year with FreeNAS Up-to-date

Unlike my update at the end of last year, I go into the New Year with FreeNAS up-to-date.  I’m running the latest version (11.2-U1), my jails are all on the latest version of FreeBSD (11.2) and they are mostly running the latest packages.  I’ve even updated the versions of PHP some of them are running.  2019 should be a quiet year!

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Some PHP updates

I’ve recently updated my Nextcloud jail to 15.0 and noticed one of the Apps wanted a newer version of PHP.  It was running PHP 7.1.17 (which isn’t really that out of date) but I thought it might be time for some PHP updates across a number of jails…

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Happy New Year

Blogging in bed is hardly the best way to celebrate the New Year and 2019, but I’ve got a chest infection and coughing feels like I’ve swallowed a set of knives!


2018 had its ups and downs, but here’s hoping that 2019 will be the best (and last) ‘teen that we see for some time…



Christmas Whisky

Merry Christmas and a whisky New Year!  A pretty good haul this year if I do say so myself, and that doesn’t include the Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold I’d picked up myself in the supermarket with the Christmas shopping. read more…

Advent Calendar

Although I’m not sure anyone (other than me) is following this blog, if you were you might be wondering what had happened to my Lego Advert Calender this year?

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Norlan Glasses

I’ve been thinking about buying one of these Norlan glasses for some time, but always struggled with the price – £42 for two whisky glasses is a bit steep!  But I was buying some other glasses this week, the supplier has these on offer, and buying both together saved on a delivery charge so I treated myself to an early Christmas present!

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WordPress 5.0

So many major updates as the year comes to an end.  Last weekend, FreeNAS 11.2.  Today, WordPress 5.0 (well, actually 5.0.1 as I’ve held off for a little while!)

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