I love a World Cup year, and there’s nothing better than being ‘between contracts’ in a World Cup year with the tournament due to kick off tomorrow!

Not going to say much, other than the BBC has a great web page for predicting the results so I thought I’d link mine here to see how I get on after all the dust has settled.  Oh, and a pretty nice wallchart too 😀


So the groups are all finished and the last 16 known.  I’ve been checking to see how I’d done throughout and you might have even seen some different updates to this blog.  Made a pretty good start predicting Group A, C and D perfectly and got 1st and 2nd the wrong way around in Group B.

Not so good with E & F as I expected Serbia to finish 2nd on Group F (not Switzerland) and never imagined the Germans would finish bottom of their group with Sweden and Mexico taking 1st and 2nd place.

Group G as predicted but Columbia were the surprise package in H, knocking Japan down into 2nd and Senegal out.

Not too bad, although wouldn’t have made me rich with any accumulator!

I’ve updated the BBC frame below and posted the original one below that, but also have a created a table above to make it easier to see who might play who, along with my last 16 predictions…

World Cup Last 16

Last 16Qtr FinalsSemi FinalsFinal

Well, after the first 4 games my predictions for the last 16 have been 50:50, although I don’t suspect many people expected both Portugal and Spain to be leaving at that stage.  Frame below and table updated, although still dreaming of an England win, made easier with Spain going out.

Last 4 games much better with a 100% success rate.  It still might be ‘coming home’…


Update 2

Never really believed England would get through to the semi-finals, or at least not before the tournament had started.

My semi-final predictions weren’t too bad, with only Brazil v Belgium going the other way.  Belgium has been looking good though and deserved the win.  I think they might even give France a run for their money tomorrow…

I have to keep the faith and believe England can beat Croatia on Wednesday, and then it’s anyone’s game in the final.  Is it really coming home?

It’s been quite hard to follow my predictions as I’ve updated things at various stages.  Whilst my last 4 only included France, all 4 semi-finalists were in my quarter final line up!

Update 3

It’s taken a little while to update after the semi-finals, as even though I’d never imagined England would get this far, it’s always a big disappointment to get knocked out so close to the finish line, especially when it was so close.

My semi-final predictions were 100% wrong, with Belgium beating England (again) yesterday in the 3rd place play-off match.  It felt like another meaningless game, although the better team won.

This will be my last update, so I thought I’d compare back to my original prediction.  Although I’d got the last 4 in the quarterfinals, I’d only given France a chance to the semi-final, and then they’d lost to Brazil.  So overall, a pretty poor show.

Who’s going to win today?  To be honest, I don’t really care!  I think France should be too strong, but Croatia have shown some real determination and with players like Modrić and Mandžukić they could create a real shock.

I’ll be looking forward to the European Championship in 2020 and the World Cup in 2022 to see how England can progress over the next 4 years, and maybe then football might come home…


Well, one can but dream…



Last 16




And I thought I’d share my Wallchart 😉

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