Strava - My Year in Sport

Strava – My Year in Sport

I blogged about cycling at the beginning of last year and got off to a reasonably good start.  A few minor injuries (a fractured fibula in April and a painful stubbed little toe in July) slowed that progress to a standstill and the last outing on my bike was in August.  One of my resolutions for 2018 is to at least double the distance of 2017, and hopefully manage the Ride to the Sun event in June, although at just over 100 miles it’s going to need me racking up some miles pretty soon!

The weather and working away at the start of this year has meant I haven’t got off to an excellent start, and my bike still hasn’t been out of the garage, although I did inflate the tyres!  I aim to get out at least once every month, and hopefully a little more once I’m working closer to home.  If my next contract is in Edinburgh, I’m even going to try and cycle in once a week which should help improve my fitness.

Hopefully, next years graph will be at least double what I achieved in 2017…