I’d published this blog when I was updating my FreeNAS server and rebuilding the jails, which I blogged about here, as I planned to create a thread on the FreeNAS forum for How-To create an emby iocage jail.

You won’t have seen it though, as the blog was Private!  That’s right, a private blog!!  Why you might ask would anyone publish private blogs?  Well, I tend to use them for stuff that might be useful for me, but either (a) not for anyone else or (b) contains personal details I don’t want to be public.

In the case of this one, I always planned to use the details on the FreeNAS forum, which I’ve done on this thread here.  Pretty much makes my private blog pointless, although I thought I’d change it to a public one as anyone looking to create an emby iocage jail might now find it useful 😀

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