Said In a darts commentary 20-20-60 stylee!

After my last, and longest blog, I’ll try and keep this one a little shorter.  It’s really just here to commemorate reaching 100 blogs.  Never when I started did I imagine I’d still be writing to myself!

I’m still enjoying it though, and wonder if I should have been writing an Adrian Mole type diary from a much younger (13 3/4) age?

This is also the first blog written using the new Guttenburg editor, which looks quite good.  I’d read that it was coming in the next major WordPress release, so thought I’d download the plugin to check what all the fuss is about.  It’s quite different if you’ve been used to the TinyMCE interface, but much more like the structured Divi style interface I often use.  It doesn’t appear to play very nicely with some of the plugins I use, and I can’t find where the ‘more’ button is, but I’m sure I’ll work it out eventually 😉

That’s all for now though.  I’ve spent the last few weeks playing more with Docker, and trying to work out how best to use Jails, VMs and now Docker in my FreeNAS environment.  I still don’t think I know the answer, but I’ve drafted quite a few blogs on the subject that will be coming along shortly…

UPDATE:  Ok, so I found out how to add a ‘more’ break (you add it as a separate block, in the Layout Block section) and I could add spaces by entering a Shift-Return at the end of each block to space things out.  I couldn’t make the image behave responsively though, so ended up dropping back into the Classic Editor.  Changing the text within a separate block is much easier though!