Well that all happened quickly! Some spare time while my partner and daughter were out today, and everything I need for FreeNAS0 is ordered!

CaseFractal Define R5 + FD-FAN-SSR2-140
MotherboardSupermicro X11SSL-CF
CPUIntel Xeon E3-1230 v6 
Memory4 x Crucial 16GB DDR4-2666 ECC UDIMM
Power650W Seasonic Focus PX-650 80PLUS Platinum
Storage8 x 8TB WD Red (WD80EZAZ11TDBA0) RAID-Z2
Boot2 x Crucial BX500 120GB SSD

Pretty much what I had in yesterday’s post here, although the observant of you might notice a few differences.

I found a Platinum Seasonic 650W power supply, and it wasn’t much more expensive in a Black Friday sale, so I upgraded from the Gold version I’d specified.

I’ve also included the boot drives I plan on using. The original plan was to use 1, but given they were just over £20 each, I thought I might as well get 2 and mirror them.

The Amazon Black Friday deal on the HDDs limited me to 3 drives per account, so ordering 3 on my account and 3 on my partners left me a few short. I was going to ask my Mum to order me 3 but then noticed they had WD Elements 8TB External Drives for £114.99, so I just decided to order 3 of those. Given the price, no harm having a cold spare!

The WD 8TB Red Internal drives are selling for a ~£16 discount at the minute – £218.99 from £235.41 – but even then they are over £100 more than the external drives, and from the one, I shucked today (only broke 1 of the 5 plastic tabs!) they are basically the same drives. That’s a massive saving, hence the reason for a cold spare.

I’ve also switched the CPU from a 1220 to the 1230, as I hadn’t realised a 1220 didn’t offer hyperthreading, giving me 4 extra logical cores. This is actually the v6 upgrade from the 1231 v3 I’m currently running.

I also include a couple of cables I’d forgotten I’d need to convert the SAS ports to SATA.

I’d priced something very similar to this in January 2019 and it was all going to cost me £3299! I’d looked at it a couple of times again during the year, and it was always around the £3,000 mark. My final order total for FreeNAS0 was £2224, including the spare 8TB drive, so a pretty good saving.

Most things will be arriving in the next week, although a couple of key parts (motherboard and RAM) are 2-4 weeks out so I probably won’t get around to building until closer to Christmas. If I can get it built and everything transferred across to the new server before I start back to work at the beginning of 2020 I’ll be happy.

My FreeNAS New Year review blog should be a little different from last years 🙂