I’ve blogged about my use of LimeSurvey before (here and here and probably a few other places too), but I’d been using it in a ubuntu VM via a Docker container as I hadn’t seen a guide for running a LimeSurvey jail using iocage on FreeBSD, or specifically my FreeNAS box.

I’d been using it in anger for some parent surveys for a school group I’m involved with, so wanted to try and get it to run on a more stable platform, and given it really just needs a FAMP stack to run, thought I’d give it bash with various bits of knowledge I’ve picked up creating other stuff.

To be honest, I surprised myself and managed to get a LimeSurvey jail working with very little trouble, so much so I even managed to document most of the steps so I could write a blog. The only mistake I made, was creating the jail using an 11.1 template that I’d struggled to upgrade to 11.2 (when running 11.2-U6) and then failed again trying to upgrade to 11.3 (after updating to 11.2-U7).

I decided to follow the guide I’d drafted and recreate, which again went surprisingly well, so instead of creating a blog, I created a [How-To] thread on the FreeNAS community forum as more people were likely to find and use it there.

So that’s where it is! You can find it here if a Google search brought you here instead.

Happy surveying…