This won’t be as long as part 1 here, and while isn’t wasn’t without some issues, it proved to be easier than I expected. It also allowed me to do things in a slightly different way.

To be honest, the SSH issue kind of resolved itself. I was trying to get around the password authentication using a private/public key, and while I haven’t got that working to automatically log me in, I’m not getting any permissions issues and can log in as before using the appropriate password. Always nice when things fix themselves!

The virtualisation actually turned into something a little different. On FreeNAS1 I had the following Virtual Machines (VMs):


This is a VM created using iohyve back in version 9.10-Ux of FreeNAS after VirtualBox support ended and I eventually decided to update. I blogged about it here just less than 2 years ago. It was created using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and was initially used for running CrashPlan, hence the name. I ended up running ONLYOFFICE Document Server and various Docker containers in the same VM, partly because it was easier, but also due to limited resources (I didn’t need as much RAM or compute for 1 VM as I would for 3 separate ones).

Anyway, not to my surprise, this didn’t start up on FreeNAS0. It didn’t take me long to realise this was the perfect opportunity to recreate this in the FreeNAS WUI (instead of the iohyve CLI) using a more up to date version of Ubuntu, and as 3 separate VMs – one for CrashPlan, one for ONLYOFFICE and one Docker. That must be worthy of a separate blog, although in reality, I was writing it at the same time here!

Windows 2K16

This one was created slightly more recently, just over 12 months ago that I blogged about it at the time. This was created in the FreeNAS WUI running an evaluation version of Windows Server 2016. The evaluation has expired, but the VM fired straight up on FreeNAS0 and the application it was spun up to run was still working.

I’ll probably come back to this at some point next year, but for now, I’m happy it still works.

Ubuntu 18.04

I’d spun this up a few months ago, with a view to moving the stuff on crashplan across, but I’d just never found the time. I ended up destroying it, as I wasn’t sure what I’d actually done but I did create 3 more instead!

FreeNAS Test

I’ve always liked having a FreeNAS VM that I can run test versions before updating my main machines. This one was created using iohyve CLI and therefore wasn’t visible in the FreeNAS WUI. It was also running a version older than the one I was running, so thought it best to destroy and recreate.

It did prove more challenging than I’d expected, but the FreeNAS forum came to the rescue again, especially KrisBee. It’s a great community, and I’ve learnt so much in my 6+ years as a reasonably active member. This was actually one of the last things I fixed over the weekend.