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Advent Calendar

Although I’m not sure anyone (other than me) is following this blog, if you were you might be wondering what had happened to my Lego Advert Calender this year?

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Norlan Glasses

I’ve been thinking about buying one of these Norlan glasses for some time, but always struggled with the price – £42 for two whisky glasses is a bit steep!  But I was buying some other glasses this week, the supplier has these on offer, and buying both together saved on a delivery charge so I treated myself to an early Christmas present!

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WordPress 5.0

So many major updates as the year comes to an end.  Last weekend, FreeNAS 11.2.  Today, WordPress 5.0 (well, actually 5.0.1 as I’ve held off for a little while!)

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FreeNAS 11.2

It’s been a while coming, but FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE is finally here and whilst I was somewhat apprehensive about updating to the first release, it’s been relatively painless and everything is still working!

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It’s been over a month since my last blog – the longest gap since I started blogging 2 years ago.  Yes, it’s been 2 years since I started on this journey of talking to myself 🙂  There are just too many things fighting for my time at present, with my new contract, daughter and dog taking up most of it.

I’ve been looking into potential replacements for the current internet/intranet solutions at work, so decided to have a play with MediaWiki as they are using this for a few things, but could be using it more.

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Virtual cycling

Well, an indoor cycle trainer, a couple of Wahoo sensors and some Apps on my iPhone.  About as close to virtual cycling as I’m going to get!

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Windows VM on FreeNAS

When I upgraded my FreeNAS server from 9.10.1-U4 I lost my VirtualBox VMs.  I’d managed to recreate the ubuntu and FreeNAS ones using iohyve/bhyve, but hadn’t managed to replace the Windows VM on FreeNAS, until today!