I had a fairly big garage clear out a few weeks ago, so along with my old FreeNAS server and MacBook, had a few things to put up for sale. eBay kindly sent me an offer for £1 maximum seller fees, so I thought I’d get them all online:

I thought I’d provide a quick post-sale update if anyone is interested.  9 of the 10 items sold (the old 10/100T switch didn’t) for a total value of £794.17.  I was hoping for a little more from the MacBook and Microserver, but that’s the gamble you take with eBay.  It cost just under £60 in postage costs, another £25 in Paypal fees and just over £10 in eBay fees, which was much lower due to the £1 maximum final value offer.


So a final return of just under £700.  Not bad for stuff that was just sitting around doing nothing, and hopefully it has a new lease of life for someone else.