We’d seen a similar inflatable kayak for sale at Lidl last week, but when we popped into the Bo’ness store to pick one up they’d sold. Someone told us Aldi were selling a very similar inflatable kayak on Sunday, so we popped into the Linlithgow store early on the way to walk our dog by the river. It’s a good job we did as we got the last one!

To be honest, other than inflating it (using a combination of my bicycle pump and compressed air cylinder I use for diving) and my daughter playing in it for a little while, it’s not been near any water. Hopefully something we’ll get around to before the holiday is finished? I did struggle to get it back into the bag, which is now torn down one seam, so not the best of starts!

Oh, and I also bought a small hand-held rechargeable pump so I don’t need to lug around a 15l dive cylinder with me! I looks great, although I still need to see if it will inflate the whole kayak.

I’ll come back to this once we’ve christened our inflatable kayak which hopefully won’t be too much longer…