I’d blogged out using ONLYOFFICE before here, but I never really got around to using it for anything serious and simply played around with it from time to time. After recreating my Docker VM (running Ubuntu 18.04) I had some issues getting it up and running again, so thought I’d write this more ONLYOFFICE blog!


Upgrading Jails

Upgrading jails in FreeNAS has always been a little problematic. It’s slightly less so now, but is still fraught with danger and never to be taken lightly. This was going to be the story of one such upgrade (my SSL-Proxy jail) but thinking about it over the past few weeks has turned it into more of an overview of the different ways of upgrading jails.


2010 MacBook Air in 2020


I’d put this ‘project’ to one side whilst FreeNAS0 was being built, but I thought it was time to come back to it in 2020.  How will my 2010 MacBook Air fair in 2020?

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