AirPods Pro

You can probably tell from the flurry of blogs, that I’m catching up on a few things I drafted over the last few weeks! The Apple AirPod Pro was my lastest purchase, which I picked up from the Apple store last Thursday (31 October), the day after they were launched!


CyberPower UPS

My old APC Back-UPS ES – BE700G-UK decided to give up the ghost last weekend, started beeping and switched everything off!  I bought it in 2011, so it’s not done too badly, costing me about £10 a year!  It was probably a little underpowered for the equipment I had connected anyway, so it was time for an upgrade.  Meet my new CyberPower UPS!


Smart (Ikea) Home

Ikea Smart Home

It’s funny, as in the last few months I’ve just got rid of the last of our Ikea furniture – a large king-size bed with matching bedside tables and a chest of draws in the spare bedroom. It started life as our bed in 2005 but was relegated to spare room duty in about 2010. We’ve just decorated upstairs and replaced our bedroom furniture, so that’s now in the spare room and the Ikea set is no more. What on earth has that got to do with an Ikea Smart Home, Sonos or Philips Hue though?

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