Smart (Ikea) Home

Ikea Smart Home

It’s funny, as in the last few months I’ve just got rid of the last of our Ikea furniture – a large king-size bed with matching bedside tables and a chest of draws in the spare bedroom. It started life as our bed in 2005 but was relegated to spare room duty in about 2010. We’ve just decorated upstairs and replaced our bedroom furniture, so that’s now in the spare room and the Ikea set is no more. What on earth has that got to do with an Ikea Smart Home, Sonos or Philips Hue though?


New iPad

I talked about some of my older tech in this blog, but it’s been some time since I bought a new iPad.  I bought an iPad 2 back in 2011 and didn’t really use it much, and then an iPad Mini 2 in 2014, and while I used that a little more I still didn’t really get the tablet device.  My 6-year-old daughter loves using them though, so it was time to treat her as 5 years is forever when it comes to tech.


Old iPhone

This is one of those blogs I started about 2 months ago, and only got around to finishing off today! I’ve been running my own company since 2003 and had a pretty standard approach to replacing the ICT equipment I use or at least did until recently when I was still using a relatively old (for me) iPhone 7.


iMac Repair

It’s always a slightly nervous operation when my iMac needs opening up, but on return from my holiday it wouldn’t boot and everything was pointing toward the SSD I’d installed when I first got my 2011 iMac.


Time Machine is dead, long live Time Machine

Time Machine is the backup utility that’s been built into MacOS since I started using OS X back in 2008. It’s really great and has a wonderful interface, although has some limitations and has never really played nicely with FreeNAS. The latest FreeNAS U2 point release I installed today might just fix that though…

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