Never underestimate the power of the Dark Side

I’ve seen these decals on other people’s Mac’s before, and always thought they looked a bit tacky, but when I saw this one pop up in my Facebook feed, I couldn’t help but click the link.  

It cost less than £10 delivered from so I was seduced by the Dark Side 😀


It was a bit of a pain to detach from the backing paper and then transfer onto my Macbook, and initially, I wasn’t too impressed as it had a number of trapped air bubbles (even after trying to move them to an edge of a credit card) which made it look a bit naff. 

After a few days though they’ve completely gone, and I now think it looks great!  Hopefully, it will last the 3 years I plan to keep it for…

FreeNAS (part 2)

So I finished off part 1 with the following list of things I use FreeNAS for…

  • Plex Media Server (a couple of jails)
  • PlexPy
  • PlexEmail
  • emby
  • ownCloud
  • nextCloud
  • openVPN
  • Unbound (DNS)
  • Calibre
  • Webserver (FEMP)
  • Nginx Proxy
  • VirtualBox (4 jails running various Windows, Linux and FreeBSD OSs)

Here’s a little more about how I use them! (more…)

The Complete WordPress Website Developer Course

This is just a placeholder for the time being, or maybe even a free advert, but having started playing with WordPress I thought it would be good to learn a little more.  

I’ve taken a few Udemy courses, and for the money, they are usually pretty good.  I’ve just started this course, so will report back once I’ve finished it, but so far so good.

I’ve got part way through one of Rob Percival’s iOS Developer courses and really enjoyed his style.  Having no coding experience, things got hard pretty quickly, but I managed to write a couple of basic Apps for my iPhone before it was parked as needing more time.  This one is presented by one of Rob’s colleagues, but is very similar in style, and not as technical, yet!


FreeNAS (part 1)

I’ve made lots of references to FreeNAS in the earlier ‘technology’ related posts, so thought it might be interesting to pull it all together here and go into a little more detail about my FreeNAS use.



Earlier this year (January to be precise) I backed a Kickstarter project for, what at the time seemed to be, some rather unique wireless earphones >

Unfortunately, as with many Kickstarter projects, these have failed to deliver on time (July, then November and now March 2017!) so when I saw Apple reveal their Airpods at the iPhone event back in September I was quite interested.  A little like the Revols, these have also been delayed from the original October launch, and it was looking like they weren’t going to arrive until 2017, at least until last Tuesday…

I must have been reading Macrumors at just the right time, as these hit the Apple Store last week, and within a few hours the option to have them shipped had slipped to 2017, but I managed to order a set and they’ve just arrived!


Some WordPress tweaks

I know, another blog that doesn’t continue the eOS saga, but I’ve got things to a point that I really need to be trying to use it on a daily basis and I just don’t have the time, or faith, to attempt that at the moment.  Hopefully, I will at some point, but for now it’s somewhat parked.

Now I’ve caught the blog bug, though, I have spent a little more time playing with WordPress which I was finding a little clunky to use with the vanilla install I’d created.  I mentioned at the start of my blogging journey that I’d set-up a WordPress server as I was working for a client that provided multi-site WordPress to its customers.  On that basis, I’d set-up a multi-site WordPress server, as I had a few ideas about using for other things (my company website for one) but other than trying a few different themes, I hadn’t done much with it at all, other than a plugin for 2FA to secure things a little more.


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