Resize VirtualBox Disk

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I received an e-mail today telling me that CrashPlan hadn’t backed up for the last 3 days.  I have CrashPlan running in a VirtualBox jail as I blogged about here, and I very rarely check it as it just does its stuff in the background, and sends me a weekly update to say everything is fine.

So I used a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) to check the VM and was surprised to see error messages to say it has run out of disk space.  When I’d set it up I’d created a virtual disk of 20GB, which I’d assumed would be plenty, but when I investigated it appeared to be all but full.  So the daunting task of increasing the size of the VirtualBox .vdi file, which I’ve done before on a Windows VM, but not one running in a Jail on my FreeNAS server. (more…)


The first question I’d be asking if I’d read the other Plex 🙁 emby:-) blog is whether emby is actually a good replacement for Plex, or is it just too much of a compromise?  Well, ‘out of the box’ so to speak, I’d probably say it wasn’t but it’s not too difficult to add in some of the missing pieces and after a few days configuring and testing I’d say it mostly is.


CrashPlan Pro

CrashPlan Pro

It doesn’t seem that long since I last blogged about CrashPlan, mainly because it isn’t!  I’d mentioned it previously in other blogs but wrote specifically about how I use it here at the end of May.  So what’s changed?   Quite a lot actually, yet at the same time very little! (more…)

SSL Reverse Proxy Jail

Reverse Proxy Diagram

I’ve written a few blogs about this subject too (most recently here), so after several attempts which worked, but were a little messy, I’ve done a bit more research.  That’s led me to create a single jail to work as a both a reverse proxy with SSL.  I’ll be using all the same tools as before, so NGINX for the reverse-proxy and Certbot to create (and hopefully automatically renew) the LetsEncrypt certificates.