SSL update

I thought I’d published this blog, but I’d only saved as a draft, so in terms of a timeline, I actually wrote this before I moved my blog from web to WordPress.  It’s only relevant regarding the FreeBSD 9 EOL, as the problems described below had been learned before creating my WordPress jail, hence the reason it wasn’t mentioned!

Well, as my SSL certificate from an earlier blog was coming up for expiry later this month I thought I better have a go at setting up certbot on my Nginx-proxy server, so I don’t have to mess around creating a cert manually and copying it across to the server. 


Moving from web to wordpress (part 1)



Not that you’ll really care, as I suspect you never actually found the old one 🙂

If you’ve read through anything before this, you might have worked out that my WordPress installation was running in a FreeNAS jail with a FEMP stack.  I use it for various things, of which WordPress was just one.

I was wanting to update the ‘MP’ bit of my stack for WordPress but thought it would be easier to create a new jail with an up to date FEMP stack and then use some of the WordPress knowledge I’d gained to rebuild things in a jail dedicated to WordPress. 

So I moved from to (well, actually and I’ll post a little more about the trials and tribulations of the move in another post here.

So it’s goodbye ‘web’ and hello ‘wordpress’.  Maybe after a few months, you’ll find this blog and wonder what on earth this post was all about…

Dongle to the rescue

Now, who said dongles were a bad thing?  I guess they are in the sense that they’re often seen as a replacement to standard IO ports in the march toward building thinner and lighter laptops, but to be honest for the number of times I actually need to use them it’s a trade-off I’m pretty happy to make.  My MacBook that I use on a daily basis is thinner (and probably not much heavier) than the screen on the client’s laptop I’m currently using!

I found the USB Ethernet dongle for my MBA in the box I’d kept stored in the garage, so not too difficult to track down, and once plugged in and TrueOS was booted it was found and configured without any issues at all. (more…)

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