FreeNAS0 – SSD Pool

I’d been thinking about this for some time, as moving my jails and small databases onto an SSD pool should have a decent performance improvement, whilst also reducing the fragmentation on my HD pool.


FreeNAS0 – Network Woes

network spaghetti

No, my network looks nothing like that, but it has felt a little bit like that trying to work out why I was getting intermittent connectivity to the new Ubuntu 18.04 VM’s I’d created here. The fix to my network woes was pretty simple when I’d worked out what was causing the problem.


FreeNAS0 – Virtualise

Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver

Although I might still try and get my old crashplan VM running on FreeNAS0, I always had it in my mind that I’d virtualise main use cases – ONLYOFFICE Document Service, Crashplan and Docker – on Ubuntu 18.04 on FreeNAS0.


FreeNAS0 – Config 1 (not so long)

Version 1 of this blog was going to be a long and winding affair that went through re-configuring FreeNAS0 with all the config from FreeNAS1, MANUALLY. The more I thought about what needed to be changed, the more I began to think saving the config from FreeNAS1 and uploading to FreeNAS0 was the right approach. Sure, I knew this would cause some problems (such as networking and passwords) but I decided it was the lesser of two evils, a bit like my vote in today’s General Election!

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