Updating Bitwarden

I blogged about my switch from using 1Password to a self-hosted version of Bitwarden here, and its been running perfectly ever since. That said, I had tried updating Bitwarden a couple of times, all of which have failed and I’d ended up rolling back a snapshot. I tried updating Bitwarden again this weekend, with a much more successful outcome!


APE Wiki

APE Wiki Logo

I had a few spare hours yesterday and had been meaning to try and recreate the MediaWiki docker container inside a FreeNAS jail. A few gotchas were found but they were resolved pretty quickly, and I now have my own APE Wiki!


Resize Virtual Disks

This is as much a reference for me as it is anything else, but I needed to resize a couple of virtual disks over the weekend, and these are the pretty simple steps to do it, at least for my FreeNAS configuration.


More Raspberry Pi 4

It really is quite incredible what this tiny little computer can do, especially when compared with the very early home computers that I got the opportunity to play with when I was about the same age as my daughter. So this blog is about some more Raspberry Pi 4 things I’ve been playing with…

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