I’d blogged out using ONLYOFFICE before here, but I never really got around to using it for anything serious and simply played around with it from time to time. After recreating my Docker VM (running Ubuntu 18.04) I had some issues getting it up and running again, so thought I’d write this more ONLYOFFICE blog!

To be honest, the solution to my problem was incredibly simple, but I wasted lots of time so thought this blog might help if others came across the same problem.

Increasing the RAM allocated to the VM (from 4096 to 6144) was done following this thread recommendation. It fixed the problem running the version I’d got running using this thread, which provides a scripted installation of the standard Docker containers.

It creates a new container for MySQL and containers for both the Community and Document Servers, with the option of creating a Mail Server too, although I’ve not installed this, and will continue to use IMAP and SMTP.

I didn’t really need another Document Server running as I always have this running in its own VM, but the scripted install is super easy. I’ll have to see if there’s any performance benefit to this and might just end up using the Docker version.

I also don’t really need a MySQL container just for ONLYOFFICE as I already have a MariaDB container I’m using for other containers. like WordPress, but again the script creates this without any effort required.

I might look to spend a little time trying to recreate the containers with some slightly tweaked config, but for the time being, I’m just going to play with it as-is. It’s really quite neat and provided some pretty CRM and Project Management functionality that would work well in a small organisation.

The only real issue I’ve found so far is the mail integration, which is somewhat primitive and not really an IMAP solution. By that, it doesn’t sync read and deleted mail with the server, so overtime you just end up with all of your e-mail in ONLYOFFICE, even if you’ve managed it on another device.

This for me is a real deal-breaker and would mean I couldn’t move away from using Nextcloud, although, in reality, I think these both would work very nicely side-by-side.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I might try and use it a little more in 2020 so might come back to even more ONLYOFFICE during 2020…