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FreeNAS (part 2)

So I finished off part 1 with the following list of things I use FreeNAS for…

  • Plex Media Server (a couple of jails)
  • PlexPy
  • PlexEmail
  • emby
  • ownCloud
  • nextCloud
  • openVPN
  • Unbound (DNS)
  • Calibre
  • Webserver (FEMP)
  • Nginx Proxy
  • VirtualBox (4 jails running various Windows, Linux and FreeBSD OSs)

Here’s a little more about how I use them! read more…

The Complete WordPress Website Developer Course

This is just a placeholder for the time being, or maybe even a free advert, but having started playing with WordPress I thought it would be good to learn a little more.  

I’ve taken a few Udemy courses, and for the money, they are usually pretty good.  I’ve just started this course, so will report back once I’ve finished it, but so far so good.

I’ve got part way through one of Rob Percival’s iOS Developer courses and really enjoyed his style.  Having no coding experience, things got hard pretty quickly, but I managed to write a couple of basic Apps for my iPhone before it was parked as needing more time.  This one is presented by one of Rob’s colleagues, but is very similar in style, and not as technical, yet!


FreeNAS (part 1)

I’ve made lots of references to FreeNAS in the earlier ‘technology’ related posts, so thought it might be interesting to pull it all together here and go into a little more detail about my FreeNAS use.

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That’s right, there’s no ‘e’, or at least not in the country who invented the stuff!

I’ve always liked the idea of drinking whisky, but only since moving to Scotland have really begun to appreciate it as it really should be.  And I think it’s fair to say my taste in whisky has also matured, moving a little further afield than the classic, yet easy to drink Speyside’s to slightly more acquired Highland and Island drams.  That’s not to say I don’t still like a nice Speyside, just that they’re will be more than a bottle of 2 of other stuff in my drinks cupboard, at least over the festive period.

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The Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar – it’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition!  Even though next year I’ll be closer to 50 than 40!!

I think this is my 5th or even 6th calendar, and my daughter is now joining in with her own Lego Friends version.

I thought I’d share this year’s creations, ranging from a very small but scarily accurate Slave 1 (Boba Fett’s ship for those that might not know, but want to learn!) on the 1st, to a downright bizarre (so much so, that I don’t really know what it is) on the 20th.

A nice reminder for me when it’s packed away in the garage with the others, and for you if you happen to stumble upon my ‘blog to self’.  If you do, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017…




Earlier this year (January to be precise) I backed a Kickstarter project for, what at the time seemed to be, some rather unique wireless earphones >

Unfortunately, as with many Kickstarter projects, these have failed to deliver on time (July, then November and now March 2017!) so when I saw Apple reveal their Airpods at the iPhone event back in September I was quite interested.  A little like the Revols, these have also been delayed from the original October launch, and it was looking like they weren’t going to arrive until 2017, at least until last Tuesday…

I must have been reading Macrumors at just the right time, as these hit the Apple Store last week, and within a few hours the option to have them shipped had slipped to 2017, but I managed to order a set and they’ve just arrived!

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Almost there…

Sorry it’s taken a while to get around to this, and it probably won’t be all that detailed for now, but I’ve been a little busy since the midnight showing of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story last Wednesday/Thursday I went to last week.

Staying up until 04:30 am didn’t help the rest of the week either, as I’ve felt sleepy ever since and really need a good nights sleep to catch up, but being away from the weekend visiting friends and family before Christmas was more important than sleep!

If you’re a Star Wars fan you won’t need me to tell you to go and watch this film, and if you’re not, me telling you to go and watch this film probably won’t make you, but you really should go and watch this on a big screen as it really is a very good film.

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These were all taken using the EOS M and 18-55mm lens (mostly at 18mm) in 2015 on a Scuba Travel Red Sea liveaboard aboard Whirlwind.


Amateur Photographer

You might have guessed from the last two blog (gallery) posts that I’m a budding amateur photographer, or at least I like going out to take pictures and have far more camera gear than anyone not making money from it really needs!  

I’m also quite fortunate that I live in an area of incredible beauty, and for anyone who’s never visited Scotland, you really should.

Linlithgow Palace is a 5-minute walk for me, so I have lots of pictures taken from walks around the loch.  The Forth Bridges are about a 10-minute drive, so again a fairly regular visit to get some fresh air.

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