Ok, so she can’t do that, but after inviting Alexa (aka the Amazon Echo) into my house earlier this week I thought I’d do a quick blog!  

I have to say, I’m really impressed and so far Alexa has help me with the following:

  • switching on/off my Philips Hue lights (I could do this with Siri, but needed to have my phone handy and press some buttons)
  • create a shopping list everyone in the family can use
  • play music
  • listen to the radio
  • check the traffic before my commute to work (actually suggesting different routes!)
  • answering questions my 4-year-old daughter had (how far away is the moon, how many bones in my body, what is 3+4)
  • adding events to my calendar
  • setting alarms and timers
  • reading stories
  • checking the weather and news

I’ll be honest, some of this is a little bit of a compromise at the minute as lots of my life is in an Apple eco-system (e.g. calendars are linked to Google) but in the US the use of IFTTT gets around many of these, so hopefully some of that will make it across the pond in 2017.

It’s scary to think what this technology will be able to do when my daughter has one of her own!