Camping (in the garden!)

Our Easter trip to Philadelphia and Mexico was cancelled due to COVID-19 and our summer holiday plans to France are in doubt, but after our Camping adventures in the back garden, we might be trying to find somewhere in Scotland we can get away for a few nights.  Not sure how we’ll all fit in this Amazon 4-man tent though!



COVID-19 virus

I’d drafted a final blog relating to my FreeNAS adventures over the last few months, but it all seems a little pointless at the minute given whats going on around the world with COVID-19. Who could have even begun to imagine we’d be where we are now when I ordered the components back here.


More Whisk(e)y

I’ve not done a whisky update for a little while, and certainly missed a Christmas update, but don’t worry – I did get some more whisk(e)y for Christmas, although one was a bit of a shocker!