Where have you lived?

Along a similar theme to the Car blog, I got to thinking about all the places I’d lived in the last 45 years.  Again, these are places I’ve spent at least a few months living at, and not just a few weeks visiting.  I’ll save that list for another blog!



Is there another city anywhere around the world which transforms so dramatically for a month each year?  I don’t think I’ve visited one, or at least not one that changes quite as much as Edinburgh does during August when the Fringe comes to town. (more…)

Concrete Holes

Just before my daughters 2nd birthday, we bought a swing set for the garden from Dunster House.  It seemed like excellent value, and other than having to get it delivered to a friendly Dive Centre in Eyemouth (long story, but it was free delivery there and about 1/4 the cost of the swing set to get it delivered at home) it’s been pretty good.  It was easy enough to construct, and at the time I decided just to use the metal posts hammered into the ground, rather than concrete in, as she was kind of light and we didn’t have many visitors using it at the same time.  Earlier this week all that changed when we had four children (from about 4-10) playing on it and my partner holding it down as it was moving so much! (more…)


Why Blogging Image

Since starting this blog about a particular subject, and then drifting off onto various other things, it got me thinking about how other people do their blogging?



I was chatting with my Mum a few months ago about cars, and it got me thinking about all the cars I’ve had a driving relationship with.  I say that, as it doesn’t include other people’s cars or ones I’ve hired but ones that I’ve spent at least a number of months driving since passing my test in 1991.  Quite a few have been company cars, although more recently they’ve been cars I’ve bought and pretty much driven until they died!  Most of the earlier pictures are just ones found on the internet, but the later ones are the actual cars.