New (German) Kitchen

After clearing out all the draws and cupboards for the new kitchen that’s been fitted this week, I don’t think we’ll ever be moving house again (although I think I’ve probably done my fair share already, that I blogged about here) (more…)


Another calendar related blog, this time spanning back much longer than Star Wars Lego. This is my 15th, yes, fifteenth, Kylie calendar and a Christmas present I always look forward to the opening!

I’ll update this each month so you too (is there anybody out there?) can enjoy the pleasure of glimpsing Ms. Minogue every morning 😀



Merry Christmas!!!

Virgin Media Superhub 3 – even faster broadband!

You might remember earlier this year when I got a surprise call from Virgin Media and a new TiVo v6 box, which I blogged about here.  Well, this time it was my turn to call Virgin and try to negotiate a better price for my Broadband, TV, and Telephone services.  The result was a saving of £10 and a new Superhub 3 which will bump up my broadband speed from 200 to 300Mbps 😀



Beautiful, aren’t they?  Never really thought about it?  Probably!  And why on earth are you blogging about butterflies? Good question, and one that probably needs addressing right now! (more…)

Where have you lived?

Along a similar theme to the Car blog, I got to thinking about all the places I’d lived in the last 45 years.  Again, these are places I’ve spent at least a few months living at, and not just a few weeks visiting.  I’ll save that list for another blog!