Happy Blogday!  It’s a full year, 12 months or 365 days since my very first blog here!

When I started, I really wasn’t sure where it might lead, and whilst I’ve strayed somewhat off-topic for many of my blogs – which started about MacBook Airs and Linux – I’ve enjoyed writing down my thoughts and experiences with all sorts of other things that generally interest me and take up some of my free time.  It’s also proved to be a useful resource for myself, helping me remember how I’ve done certain things when I’ve needed to go back to them, usually to fix something I didn’t get quite right in the first place (WordPress and SSL spring to mind!).

I don’t think many other people have found most of the 84 blog posts I’ve published in the last 12 months (85 if you include this one!), but the Jetpack stats suggest that 557 visitors from 39 countries have landed.  436 visited the home page and there were 179 views of the blog on my new TiVo V6 box!  I suspect most of those were probably me!!!

Anyway, I have no plans to do anything different for the next 12 months, so if you happen to stumble across this place and find anything useful, please let me know.  It would be good to know I’m not alone 🙂

happy blogday


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