Easter Holiday – Iceland

It’s always the same with these ‘travel blogs’ in that I never find time to write them whilst I’m travelling, and it always seems a bit of a chore when I finally back home, but my daughter did a brilliant job of hers (at least until we got back to the UK) so I’m going to persevere with mine!



Another calendar related blog, this time spanning back much longer than Star Wars Lego. This is my 15th, yes, fifteenth, Kylie calendar and a Christmas present I always look forward to the opening!

I’ll update this each month so you too (is there anybody out there?) can enjoy the pleasure of glimpsing Ms. Minogue every morning šŸ˜€



Merry Christmas!!!

Queensferry Crossing

You might have seen a previous blog with pictures of the iconic bridges crossing the Forth at Queensferry, but if you haven’t we live pretty close by and whilst we don’t use the bridges that often, we get to seeĀ them from time to time. Ā Over the past 18 months construction has been underway on a new bridge, which opened to traffic on Wednesday last week (30th August). Ā It was closed 2 days later to allow 50,000 people a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ to walk across it, and I was one of those lucky people! (more…)


The Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar – it’s become a bit of a Christmas tradition! Ā Even though next year I’ll be closer to 50 than 40!!

I think this is my 5th or even 6th calendar, and my daughter is now joining in with her own Lego Friends version.

I thought I’d share this year’s creations, ranging from a very small but scarily accurateĀ Slave 1 (Boba Fett’s ship for those that might not know, but want to learn!) on the 1st, to a downright bizarre (so much so, that I don’t really know what it is) on the 20th.

A nice reminder for me when it’s packed away in the garage with the others, and for you if you happen to stumble upon my ‘blog to self’. Ā If you do, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2017…




These were all taken using the EOS M and 18-55mm lens (mostly at 18mm) in 2015 on a Scuba Travel Red Sea liveaboard aboard Whirlwind.


Amateur Photographer

You might have guessed from the last two blog (gallery) posts that I’m a budding amateur photographer, or at least I like going out to take pictures and have far more camera gear than anyone not making money from it really needs!  

I’m also quite fortunate that I live in an area of incredible beauty, and for anyone who’s never visited Scotland, you really should.

Linlithgow Palace is a 5-minute walk for me, so I have lots of pictures taken from walks around the loch.  The Forth Bridges are about a 10-minute drive, so again a fairly regular visit to get some fresh air.