FreeNAS0 – Parts

They’ve started to arrive! Unfortunately, the motherboard that everything connects to isn’t going to arrive until around the 13 December, so I’ll just have a pile of parts in the corner of my office until it does!



My new FreeNAS0 build started today, or at least the first few components were ordered online! I’ve been planning this for some months, so quite an exciting first step which I hope to complete before the end of the year!


A New Year with FreeNAS Up-to-date

Unlike my update at the end of last year, I go into the New Year with FreeNAS up-to-date.  I’m running the latest version (11.2-U1), my jails are all on the latest version of FreeBSD (11.2) and they are mostly running the latest packages.  I’ve even updated the versions of PHP some of them are running.  2019 should be a quiet year!

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