I played ping pong for a bit of fun at university, mainly when there wasn’t a pool table free in the students union!  I always enjoyed it, but never really considered it as a great way to keep fit.  After a couple of sessions at a local course I’ve signed up I now know it is!

If anyone ever asked me what my best sport is, the simple answer would be badminton.  I’ve played badminton from a pretty young age and to a reasonably competitive level, but I’ll save that for another blog.  So why mention it?  Good question  😉

I recently started playing again at a small club in Linlithgow whose membership was dwindling away, so advertised for some new blood on Facebook.  It attracted a few new faces, and one of those is also a keen table tennis player and a coach at a table tennis club in Linlithgow.  They’re in a similar position with an ever decreasing number of members, so he decided to do the same using Facebook.

When I spotted it, I thought it looked like a good thing to start 2017 with, so signed up for a 10-week course every Saturday.  Little did I know how exhausting a 90-minute table tennis lesson would actually be!

You’re pretty much moving non-stop and concentrating pretty hard too in order to keep the balls on the table. That said, it’s great fun and I can see me continuing beyond the course, so much so that I decided to buy a well-recommended beginners bat on Amazon. I used it for the first time today and I don’t think it made the slightest bit of difference over the basic club bats – I’m still pretty rubbish!Palio Table Tennis BatWhat with cycling, table tennis and badminton to kick off 2017 (along with a dry January) hopefully I can build up a little fitness, loose a little weight and feel a little healthier going into the 2nd half of my 40s. 

Now if only I could stop eating Rowntrees Fruit Gums 😉