Back in 2013, and one of my first ventures into crowdfunding via Kickstarter, I backed a product called Lace Anchors 2.0. Since then, most of my shoes have been laced using a variation of these, the latest being Round Xpand Laces.

At the end of 2015, Charles Harris (aka Chuck) was back with Xpand Laces, which took the original design and added elasticated laces and some end fasteners so they could be used in different ways (hidden and outside). 

I was straight behind this, as I’d use all my original Lace Anchors, but if I’m being honest didn’t really like the elasticated laces.  I still have a few pairs unused, in part down to the colours I chose, but mainly as I didn’t see the point. The ‘hardware’ could still be used on other laces, so didn’t go to waste though and I used all of them.

We had to wait until early 2018 for the next version, which turned out to be a completely new design. I think I was backer 56, and looked forward to them arriving toward the end of the summer. I’d also given a little more thought to the lace colours this time.

I’m actually writing this blog after just receiving another 7 lacing systems, which I’d ordered from the Xpand website, having used most of the 6 I’d received via the Kickstarter campaign back in September last year.

The new design is radically different, but works just as well, if not better in that the tension can be adjusted once installed. The only real downside with the new design is that it only really works with the Xpand laces, and isn’t compatible with other laces like the old design.

I can live with that though, as the round laces are much better than the flat ones and I’ve done a better job of picking the colours to match shoes I have and am likely to replace with similar colours.

Service from Xpand is always superb, and it’s one of the few Kickstarter campaigns that actually deliver on their promises, and then continue to deliver through their website. The latest order included a free set of laces so I got 7 sets for $35 or about £3.78 per pack. They were delivered within 2 weeks and the cost price listed on the customs form meaning there was no import fees or VAT to pay.

But don’t take my word for it. Head over to the website and buy some today and see for yourself…

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