So many major updates as the year comes to an end.  Last weekend, FreeNAS 11.2.  Today, WordPress 5.0 (well, actually 5.0.1 as I’ve held off for a little while!)

I needn’t have worried.  Given all the testing that has been done with the Guttenberg editor earlier in the year, the update from 4.9.8 to 5.0.1 was completely painless.

I’d taken some of the advice I’d seen and installed the Classic Editor plugin, although to be honest, I’d been getting OK with Guttenberg when I’m not using the Divi Builder.

I did have some problems trying to update my Docker WordPress instance to 5.0 when it was first launched, and it just didn’t want to unpack the download, but it worked fine with 5.0.1 so I don’t know if that was a WordPress issue or something with my configuration?

So I’ve now updated all of my WordPress instances and my live site where my company website and this blog live.  I can’t see any obvious problems, and everything is working pretty much as it was before.  I guess if I hadn’t been playing with the Guttenberg plugin, things would look a bit different, but as I have they don’t.

I’ve read some good things about the latest WordPress theme and will need to check that out, but almost all of the sites I build these days use the Divi theme which is so much more powerful than anything I’ve found in a default WordPress install.

Anyway, I hope your updates are a painless as mine…