Right, now I’ve got my preferred browser, I’d like to sort out some gestures.  To be fair, 2-finger gestures seem to be working pretty well ‘out of the box’ or at least I can scroll up and down.

In macOS I use 3-finger swipes to so 2 really common things:

  1.  3-fingers left and right go backwards and forward in the browser, and make jumping in and out of pages so simple
  2. 3-fingers up and down switch between desktops, which I use a lot as I like to have different things running on different desktops, more often than not full screen

If I can get this sorted, everything will feel a lot more like macOS.

So far, I’ve ignored the notifications to tell me I have updates available, but I’m going to update everything now.  I’ll be back…

Updated everything last night, and had another go with touchegg > https://github.com/JoseExposito/touchegg but after much trial and effort and fading Google-fu I finally gave up!

This morning I had another try with touchegg, before stumbling across this > https://github.com/bulletmark/libinput-gestures.  Whilst I don’t have everything set-up as I’d like, I do now have some 3-finger gestures working (left-right in Chrome are backwards, and up-down are a little sporadic bringing up the Multitasking View) so am probably going to park this for the time being.

I’ll need to do a little more reading about xdotool commands and play around with the libinput-gestures.conf file but I’m hopeful of getting something working.

During the Googling last night, I also came across this blog > http://blog.sgnugraha.com/things-installing-elementary-os-254/ which seemed pretty appropriate for what I was doing so I’ll admit to getting a little side tracked.  Glad I did as the elementary-tweaks look really useful from a quick look, and I now have some macOS like functions in my windows (minimise and full screen) and also single-click to select).

Best to install that from the GitHub page here > https://github.com/elementary-tweaks/elementary-tweaks

Would be nice to get some network connectivity over the weekend, if I can find some time…

UPDATE:  So after playing around with this a little more, I finally gave in and posted a comment on the developer’s GitHub page.  Received a super quick response and after a couple of questions, it was kindly pointed out that I’d saved the .conf file into the wrong place!  It should just go into ~/.config and not a sub-folder named libinput-gestures, so I now have the 3-finger gestures to swipe back and forth in Chrome and bring up and close Multitasking View just like a use in macOS.  OK, they aren’t quite as slick in eOS, but they work and that’s great!  Here’s a video clip of this in action, although I might not have captured the trackpad very well:


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