I decided to write this blog as I’ve just bought a Stanley Dynagrip Cartridge Knife and almost ended up returning it as I couldn’t work out how it went back together.  Struggled to find anything online, before finally working it out!

I liked the idea of this knife as it had a locking device, which keeps it a little safer from the small fingers that some times come into my office looking for stuff.

I decided to take it apart, in a similar fashion to my old knife, removing the black end part and sliding everything out backwards – YOU REALLY DON”T NEED TO DO THIS!

If you do, or have, it all goes back together much more easily than I thought.  The first part, is to slide the blade back into the holder.

Then slide part of this back into the yellow handle.

Then slide the black clip part in.

And push everything back in.

The knife is designed to remove the blade from the front, which then presents a new blade from the cartridge.  You only need to take things out of the back when all of the blades have been used.  For me, that probably won’t be for a good few years!

At this point you’d just pull out the blade and slide the clip back to pick up a new blade.

Anyway, I hope this helps anyone who might have bought one of these – I got this from Amazon here – taken it apart and then struggled to get it back together.