One of my good friends is a bit of a car geek so I went along with him for a day at the Geneva Motor Show back in March, having never been to a motor show before…

I was going to spend a bit of time writing about some of the cars we saw, but I’ve left it too long and can hardly remember which is which!

The main thing I remember was that it’s an incredibly long day walking about a huge exhibition centre and Switzerland is incredibly expensive!

My friend, Davie, had been before and had decided the best way to ‘do the motor show’ was to fly out to Geneva the night before, spend a night in a reasonably cheap hotel, and then get to the motor show for it starting at 09:00.

By the time we got a seat on our flight home at 21:00 I had to disagree, and felt if I went again it would just be for the day. He’d done that the previous year, with the first flight out of Scotland to Geneva, and it had been too much, hence the night before stay.

What he’d done wrong was getting the first flight, which goes around 06:00 and gets into Geneva around 08:30. Whilst this gets you to the show when it opens, the trick I think is not to get to the show when it opens, but leave it until around lunchtime to arrive.

The place is mobbed if you get there at 09:00 until at least 12:00, but by 14:00 it has started to quieten down and you can actually get to the front of most stands. You can even get on some of them without joining a huge queue!

So if we go next year, we’ll be getting to the airport and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, before catching a flight around 10:00. Getting the last flight home make sense though 🙂

Anyway, here are some of the pictures, all taken on my old iPhone 7, which partly inspired the upgrade I blogged about here!

Can you tell which three I’d buy if money was no object?