Not really, but I just Googled ‘bloggers block’ and was amazed to see it’s a real thing!  Pages and pages of useful tips for when I do suffer, but my problem at the minute is time and the lack of.

I think I have more draft posts saved than I have actual posts, and I’ve even started to write a few, but other things seem to have got in the way this month.  Luckily, my contract finishes at the end of the month (2 days to go), and I don’t have anything lined up yet, so will hopefully have some spare time in between job hunting, finishing a few Udemy courses, catching up on a few box sets, and looking after my daughter over the Easter holidays to finish some off and get around to some of the others.

I’m also hoping I might be able to speak with some of the business I’ve been thinking of talking to about refreshing their websites, with a view to establishing a sideline in web development, hosting, digital marketing and all that jazz.

Time for bed now, and a few chapters of my latest book.  That’s been talking up quite a bit of my time as I’ve been sucked into a murky East End world by Kimberley Chambers.  I ended up reading one of her books (Payback) last year on holiday as I finished the two I’d taken with me, and enjoyed it so much that I picked up some more of the same series when I got home.  It turns out that Payback wasn’t the first in The Butler series, but I carried on regardless.  The latest book, Backstabber, brings together the Butler’s story and Mitchells & O’Hara’s trilogy, so I thought I better read those before I read that one.  I’m almost finished with the Mitchells & O’Haras and am looking forward to finished the final book.  I haven’t read the 1st Butler book and might go back to that, but I’ll probably take a break with something slightly different first.

Pretty safe to say that Kimberley doesn’t suffer writer’s block too often though 😀