Bloggers Block

Not really, but I just Googled ‘bloggers block’ and was amazed to see it’s a real thing!  Pages and pages of useful tips for when I do suffer, but my problem at the minute is time and the lack of.

I think I have more draft posts saved than I have actual posts, and I’ve even started to write a few, but other things seem to have got in the way this month.  Luckily, my contract finishes at the end of the month (2 days to go), and I don’t have anything lined up yet, so will hopefully have some spare time in between job hunting, finishing a few Udemy courses, catching up on a few box sets, and looking after my daughter over the Easter holidays to finish some off and get around to some of the others. (more…)

Mission to Mars

mission to mars

I’m currently working in the Public sector (at least for the next 2 weeks!) providing my expertise around all things IT and Procurement 😀  As a result, I got asked to go along to an event a couple of weeks ago (on my birthday, if you’re interested) that XMA and Apple have been running across the UK to help teachers understand how to better use iPads and technology in the classroom. (more…)