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FreeNAS Upgrade – 9.3.1 to 9.10.1-U4

Firstly, why oh why does FreeNAS version numbering need to so complicated, and why does it need to change every few updates from dot numbering, then date numbering, back to dot and then the addition of uN?  Don’t think I’ll ever understand it, but it’s only a minor reason I’m still running version 9.3.1 which dates back to May 17, 2015, so now just over one year old. read more…

iMac Bluetooth Woes


So, for the past few months, I’ve been having Bluetooth connection problems on my 2011 iMac, which given I use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse is a bit of a problem. read more…

Bloggers Block

Not really, but I just Googled ‘bloggers block’ and was amazed to see it’s a real thing!  Pages and pages of useful tips for when I do suffer, but my problem at the minute is time and the lack of.

I think I have more draft posts saved than I have actual posts, and I’ve even started to write a few, but other things seem to have got in the way this month.  Luckily, my contract finishes at the end of the month (2 days to go), and I don’t have anything lined up yet, so will hopefully have some spare time in between job hunting, finishing a few Udemy courses, catching up on a few box sets, and looking after my daughter over the Easter holidays to finish some off and get around to some of the others. read more…

Mission to Mars

mission to mars

I’m currently working in the Public sector (at least for the next 2 weeks!) providing my expertise around all things IT and Procurement 😀  As a result, I got asked to go along to an event a couple of weeks ago (on my birthday, if you’re interested) that XMA and Apple have been running across the UK to help teachers understand how to better use iPads and technology in the classroom. read more…


I still consider myself to be very much a newbie when it comes to WordPress, even after completing the Udemy course which I blogged about here.

During the course, we used many different themes, from some of the default installed ones to various premium plugins using the StudioPress Genesis Framework.  As soon as you start to use some of the premium plugin features, you quickly see the limitations of the standard ones.  While I’m sure with a better understanding of HTML and CSS you can make them do equally clever things, the premium plugins remove the need for that knowledge, and even for someone with it, probably make things much faster and easier to achieve. read more…

Dalwhinnie 15

What a wonderful surprise!  A good friend messaged me earlier in the week to check my address and let me know he was posting something up to me.  It arrived this morning and was a bottle of Dalwhinnie 15-Year-Old Whisky.  Do surprises get any better?  I’ll let you know once I’ve had a dram this evening….

A bottle of Dalwhinnie 15 year old

Another to add to my current whisky collection, which I blogged about here.


After my last post, I realised the next one would be my 50th, so thought I’d commemorate it with its own dedicated post!

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Completed the Complete WordPress Website Business Course

I mentioned this course in an earlier blog, but finally got it finished this week!  I really like the idea of Udemy, which provides online access to hundreds of really good training courses covering a wide range of subjects.  They’re pretty good value for money too – I think this WordPress course cost £15.  

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SSL update

I thought I’d published this blog, but I’d only saved as a draft, so in terms of a timeline, I actually wrote this before I moved my blog from web to WordPress.  It’s only relevant regarding the FreeBSD 9 EOL, as the problems described below had been learned before creating my WordPress jail, hence the reason it wasn’t mentioned!

Well, as my SSL certificate from an earlier blog was coming up for expiry later this month I thought I better have a go at setting up certbot on my Nginx-proxy server, so I don’t have to mess around creating a cert manually and copying it across to the server. 

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